For 2018, Spring Break runs from Saturday 28th April (arrival day) until Wednesday 2nd May with the option of staying on until Friday 4th may to freeride. The first day on the hill is Sunday 29th April. That means that the test part of the event is four days long this year.

The focal point of Snowboard Spring Break is the product test, where you get to ride all of next season’s which takes place in the Test Village every day of the event. Please note, you MUST have a valid Snowboard Spring Break Test ID in order to access the Test Village.

Snowboard Spring Break Packages are booked directly with the resort, using the reference ‘Snowboard Spring Break 2018’. Please contact the Tourist Board using the details at the bottom of the page. If you require different options to those listed, they will do their best to help you out.

When you book your official Snowboard Spring Break package with the Tourist Board, it includes your accommodation, reduced price lift ticket, event wristband and Snowboard Spring Break Event ID and everything will be waiting for you when you get to your accommodation.

If you don’t book through the Tourist Office, you need to purchase a Lift Ticket and Snowboard Spring Break Test ID separately. Tester IDs are available from the event office for a one off payment of €20, whether you stay for one day or the full week. You will also need to buy a full-priced lift ticket, which are available from the Toll Gate on the way up the mountain. Please note that lift tickets are not available after the Toll Gate!

For Bookings…


Phone: 00 43  5022 5200

Fax: 00 43 5022 5210


FULL PACKAGE – NO LIFT TICKET (for those who already have a valid lift ticket/Tirol Card)