On The Hill


Kaunertal is the ideal resort for product testing; it’s a thirty minute drive from your accommodation, straight to the test area, located at the mid-point of the mountain and just metres from the car park. This means you can be riding and testing products within seconds of arriving on the hill, ensuring a focused testing experience for you. The ski area is a compact, friendly and high-altitude glacial resort that offers the best snow conditions and late-season terrain park in Europe


For 2017, the Test Village will be partitioned off and only accessible to holders of official Snowboard Spring Break Test IDs through one of the two entrance/exit points. Brands are allocated an area in which to set up and you simply take your Test ID to them in order to borrow kit. When you bring it back, just fill in a review of the product and your thoughts will be entered not the Snowboard Spring Break test database for al to read – you words might even end up in print and online tests!


For 2017 we are introducing ‘The Boot Room’, a boot-specific area inside the main test hut where you can change into new test boots, out of the weather. There will be a central, shared fitting area with space on edges of the room for brands to store their test boots!




Testers borrow product and evaluate it in the Kaunertal ski area, which includes park, sidehits, mellow cruisers, high speed carving pistes and even powder when conditions allow. When they return the product, they fill out a two piece test card, retaining one copy for their own records and handing the second copy in. We will enter the information onto a database that is the the foundation of many media snowboard tests throughout the country. Please be sure to write what you actually feel about the product, how suitable it is to your level of riding and so on.